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This site has been set up as an education teaching resource targeting New Zealand teachers. It aims to provide information and resources surrounding the key area of learning food and nutrition. The New Zealand Curriculum (MoE, 2007).

The site has been conjointly created by a group of pre-service teachers studying at The University of Waikato.


Each decision regarding this site has been discussed and been carefully crafted with the modern Teacher in mind.

Why did we choose wordpress.com instead of making an independent website? Simply put we wanted this resource to reach and affect the greatest number of people it could and wordpress.com offers over 409 million viewers each month. We have been able to connect our site with our teams twitter, pinterest, and instagram accounts to multiply the foot traffic.

Our goal was to create a simple yet effective resource for teachers around New Zealand and the world. As you may notice the unit and lesson plans and some of the other content has been uploaded using scribd.com. We made this decision with teachers in mind as it allows anyone the ability to download the files as a word document and therefore be able to use and edit them immediately.

Our fantastic team:

Michael Swindells, Athena van de Ven, Klaire Ross, John Mitchell, Tessa Kneebone, Maraina Popham


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  1. Thank you for providing your readers with ‘food for thought’. I appreciate not only the content but the passion and interest shown in how the content can be used in the classroom. It would be great to see ‘hyperlinks’ in each of the bullets on this main page that take me to the resources you mention…just a thought. Thanks again for providing an interesting, relevant and interactive web resource!

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